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The Leicester Longwool


Robert Bakewell (1725 – 1795) first developed the Leicester Longwool sheep in Dishley, Leicestershire to produce a big framed animal to supply large amounts of meat and wool to the workforce at the start of the ‘Agricultural Revolution’. This made it a very important breed of its day.



The Leicester Longwool Sheepbreeders Association (LLSA) was first set up in 1893 to preserve this Leicester Longwool breed of sheep. The LLSA is dedicated to maintaining the existing bloodlines to keep the breed pure and to promoting these wonderful animals, meat and fleeces.


The Leicester Longwool is currently listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the Rare Breeds Survival List we are working hard to increase their numbers.



Wool -The long fleece is lustrous and in great demand from spinners, weavers and knitters. It can be white or coloured, ranging from silver to very dark brown.


Skins - Luxurious rugs and covers can be made from their hides.


Meat - Allowed to fully mature the mutton has superb flavour and texture for traditional or modern recipes.


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